Mobility Luxury

Luxury Without LimitsSM

Mobility Luxury™ has revolutionized luxury transportation services for people requiring mobility assistance. Say goodbye to the days when a luxury transportation experience excluded individuals using wheelchairs or scooters. Thanks to Mobility Luxury™, you can travel in style with your very own chauffeur driving an impressively appointed state-of-the-art Mobility Limo™ - a customized Mercedes Sprinter. Our Mobility Limo™ design is inspired by the look of a private jet and has high-tech wheelchair access and features such as: wheelchair access, safety lock-downs, seven captain's chairs, 42” TV, audio system, ambient lighting and intercom to the chauffeur. Let yourself be whisked off on the most pleasant trip of your life. Be picked up at the location of your choice and when you arrive at your destination, you will enjoy feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Mobility Luxurysm is a transportation innovation company with a mission to breaking through the former limitations in the mobility transportation industry. For many years, our founder, Jacob Gold, owned and operated a traditional ambulette company. With careful attention paid to the requests of many of his customers, he realized that no one was addressing the need to create a service that was more like a luxury limousine service and less like an ambulette service. Jacob wanted to create an experience that had some of the the appointments of a private jet – thus, Mobility Luxurysm was invented – a truly groundbreaking concept in luxury mobility transportation.